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Fast weight loss (Women’s Health) Top diet plan & Best weight loss pills

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Why you gain weight and what to do for the effective weight loss

It’s no secret that eating a large amount of food with the addition of fats, desserts, alcohol, and carbonated drinks leads to obesity, about obesity read more.

But how to understand the reason for the increase in centimeters at the waist and hips while observing proper nutrition, counting the calories eaten and regular exercise? This is not very pleasant, whatever one may say, especially if the constant movement of the arrow of the scales in the right side remains a mystery to you. So, if your weight is regularly increased, but your calorie intake is normal and your physical loads are regular and in sufficient volume, then you should familiarize yourself with the reasons for weight gain, which are the most common.

Reasons for gaining weight:

  • Overeating

In most cases, it is excessive consumption of food, especially flour and confectionery and, of course, fatty foods lead to excess kilograms. Most women often think that they eat a little, but still put on weight. It is important to pay attention not to the amount of food consumed but to its energy value. In kilograms of lettuce leaves, there is a huge amount of vitamins and nutrients, and at the same time a minimum of calories (about 150). And if you eat two small chocolate candies, the total weight of which is 30 grams, your body will receive as much as 170 calories. If you overeat, you are recommended to arrange days when you eat not much but drink more.

  • Reduction in physical activity

Decrease in physical activity is a constant reason for weight gain. In this issue, in principle, too, there should be no unnecessary questions. The higher your physical activity, the faster you lose weight. Therefore, if you sit on the couch, the kilograms will not disappear anywhere. Everyone knows the fact that you need to exercise regularly for active weight loss. And at this stage, most ladies make mistakes. They start doing sports daily for several hours, despite the fact that before that they tried to avoid any physical exercises. In such a way you risk to overtrain too quickly and tiredness overcomes the desire to exercise. And in case of a sharp refusal of the sport, you will start to gain weight very quickly. So it’s better to be friends with weight loss dumbbells, an exercise bike or a treadmill. To begin with, try daily to walk at an accelerated pace and engage in exercises for ten minutes.

  • Changes in the hormonal background

In adolescents, in women during pregnancy, hormonal disruptions occur in the body, which undoubtedly contribute to weight gain. But in addition to these reasons, congenital predispositions, due to stress or consequence of the disease, are possible. In case of an excess or insufficient amount of hormones, there may be diseases in gynecology and endocrinology. If you suffer from the problem of extra pounds but the reason is not clear for you – it is better to check out the hormonal level. And after that you will understand who to blame for your problems of extra weight.

  • No breakfast

Absence of breakfast is one of the main reasons for weight gain. In the constant hurry of the modern world, most people forget to eat in the morning and some do not consider breakfast to be necessary at all. After all, the body experiences an energy hunger. How does this happen? Breakfast refers to the main meal. For an awakened organism, energy is needed to awaken and activate working abilities. Lack of breakfast adversely affects the digestive tract – if the body does not receive the necessary energy, the economy regime is activated, which slows down all processes in the body. Even to keep weight after a diet the obligatory breakfast will help. Thanks to breakfast, all the processes in the body are accelerated and you get enough energy to accomplish the necessary things. The most optimal options for breakfast will be: oatmeal with fresh fruit, omelet, cheese, cereal bread, juice.

  • Having meals rarely

Those people who eat at least 3 times, do not have to do with the following. It would be great if everyone ate so much. But most, unfortunately, do not have this habit and at best eat a couple of times a day. Much worse if you spend a day snacking. And such a messy diet is justified by the lack of time and busy schedule. Holidays are fraught with messy food. Watch what you eat so as not to gain weight in the New Year holidays. Confidence that eating time is not important but its caloric value is important, is deceptive. With a constant sense of hunger throughout the day, you eat more than the norm. And this is a direct way to obesity. Constant snacks on the go and dinners at the fast food cafes lead to a similar result.

  • Lack of sleep

You don’t have enough time to rest because this is an unacceptable luxury. In no case! Without sleep, your body cannot restore its strength, and as a consequence, there is a decrease in immunity, which leads to illness.


Tips how prevent weight gain:

  1. Do not eat in the evening 3 hours before sleep.


  1. Eat only natural and freshly prepared foods. No semi-finished products and substitutes!


  1. Drink about 1.5-2 liters of water per day. It is water, not tea, coffee, drinks, etc.


  1. Consistently exclude from your diet bakery products from the highest grade flour, cakes, cakes; Refined sugar; Products containing saturated fats (fatty meats, fat, fatty dairy products) and trans fats (margarine, it is a lot in different sweet pastries and cakes).


  1. Include in your diet more fresh fruits, vegetables and freshly prepared juices.


  1. Once a week, arrange a fasting day or a one-day diet.


  1. You can arrange one “hungry” day 1-2 times a month, using only water. Such a day is useful for removing toxins from the body.


  1. Sleep 7-8 hours a day. This is necessary for normal metabolism.


  1. Move more and breathe fresh air!

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Drugs against weight loss gain

These rules of healthy lifestyle should be followed to make you healthier, however, if you need to lose weight quickly you should use some special weight loss drugs as this way of losing weight loss pills will be safer, cheaper and much faster compared to keeping on hungry diets. There are preparations that normalize metabolism, have a fat-dissolving effect, prevent the accumulation of fat and accelerate the process of its processing, reducing obesity of the liver and removing cholesterol from the body.